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Product Requirements Document

Please read the explanatory note and guidelines through before filling in the form.

Basic Information Notices:

1. This document is used to identify the requirements and help customer save time launching the project.

2. Please fill in the following table as much as you can so that we can understand more clearly about your needs. After each section, there is an additional area for you to write details or suggestions.

3. After receive your reply, we will check the information, complete the table in different color and send it back to you for approval.

4. Either of the following two responses will be treated as an agreement of the final requirements and payment term:  

  • Replied table with full contents and your signature via email or fax. 
  • No response in 5 working days.
  • PI for samples and deposit will be sent over to you along with it.

Payment Terms:

1. After receiving the deposit payment, we will provide the free shipment of the first prototype. If the prototype isn't approved due to our fault, the second free shipment will be provided. If the prototype isn't approved due to the cutomer, shipping cost will be paid by the cutomer. If half finished prototype is required by the customer, shipping cost will be paid by the customer.

2. If you choose to pay NRE cost, it will not be returned.

3. If you choose to pay 30% deposit of the initial order and the project is aborted due to Sure Electronics’ fault, the unused part of the deposit will be returned to you. If the project is aborted due to the customer, the deposit will not be returned.

4. If there is additional NRE or prepaid cost which is charged by suppliers for firmware, tooling, certification or some special materials, it needs to be fully paid by the customer before it actually occurs and it will not be returned in any case.

5. Once the final requirements are settled and the deposit is received, we will launch this project based on it. Any modifications or additional requirements will be treated as extra services and NRE cost will be charged, including: 

  • Modification of mounting holes changes PCB layout 

  • New functions not required in last verion are added in Firmware

Additional Items


Every document is required to be sealed with the Seal of the Company and scanned to us.

Intellectual Property: 

1. All the files will be reserved by Sure Electronics, including PCB layout, BOM, Schematic, Firmware and drawing of enclosure.

2. Brief BOM and Schematic can be provided for marketing and advertising purposes, not allowed for remanufacturing. These files will be provided in PDF format.

3. All files of the project can be provided if required. Requirement for partial files are not accepted. The total price of 1000pcs of finished products or 10% of the total price of all the previous orders will be charged for the files. The larger price will be charged. Drawing guider will be provided in PDF format, excluding mechanical drawing.

4. If the project halfway stops, block or brief schematic can be provided.

5. Sure Electronics won't provide the customer's info to the third party unless allowed by the customer.

6. Sure Electronics won't reveal the customer's info in any advertising unless allowed by the customer.

Banking Info of Sure Electronics:

Both Wire Transfer and PayPal are accepted. Accounts are as follows:

Bank Address Nanjing Branch
No.19 Zhong Shan Rd
Nanjing PRC
Account Number 100599680791010000
Account Name Sure Electronics Co., Ltd. 
Intermediary Bank Information
(applicable when required)
Beneficiary’s Bank A/C No. in Intermediary Bank 04416839
SWIFT of Beneficiary Intermediary Bank BKTRUS33
PayPal Account webstore@sure-electronics.com
PayPal Fee 3.40%
Note: PayPal fee should be paid when PayPal is chosen.
Shipping Address of Sure Electronics: 

Any samples, enclusures or related products provided helping the project can be shipped to the following address:

"Sure Electronics Co., Ltd.
East zone, 3F, Building 6
Jingang Technology Innovation Center
No.108 Ganjiabian Rd
Zip Code: 210000
Qixia District

Tel: +86 13601408832
Sure Electronics obtain 70% discount from DHL. If you don't have good price from courier, our account
can be used to send the samples. Our DHL account is 602477141. The fee will be charged in the
following quotations.