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1 x 1000 Watt 2Ohm Class D Audio Amplifier Brick - T-AMP Zoom

1 x 1000 Watt 2Ohm Class D Audio Amplifier Brick - T-AMP

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SKU: AA-BK31394
For PA System, Ultrasonic, Active Sonar System,
Active Subwoofer, Alarm System, Mass Nofication,
Noise Cancellation System, vibration machine,
Warehouse,UPS - Sine Wave Inverter,
Power Conversion, etc.

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Product Description


    1 x 1000 Watt Class-D Audio Amplifier Brick - T-AMP-DBLK2
     Welcome to our YouTube Video

    Manual: AA-BK31394

    Danger High Voltage. Will shock, burn or cause death.

    For any non-audio applications, customers are suggested to send an inquiry e-mail to us for system compatibility confirmation.
    Sure Electronics does not take any responsibilities for any abused and unconfirmed non-audio system integration.


    1.Sure Electronics reserves the right to wipe off the characters, logos and patterns on the surface of the chips without any notification. Any inquiries about the models of the chips will be ignored. Sure Electronics will guarantee all the chips are original ones and the performance and quality will not be affected by such operations. 

    2. For any operations over 36Volts, customers should have a certain level of professional knowledge. Sure Electronics will not take any 
    responsibility for any personal injury or property damage.

    3.Sure Electronics only takes responsibility for the loss caused by the audio amplifier board itself. We are not responsible for any joint liability.

    4. Only when the input voltage reaches the rated voltage will the output power reaches the nominal value.


    Brief Introduction:

    Here comes the 1 x 1000 Watt amplifier board (AA-BK31394)

    Real Strength

    High Sound Quality

    Flexible Connections

    Audio Signal Detection

    Optimized Thermal Control



    • 3.9 x 3.9 inches Compact PCB Size
    • Flexible Connection and High Power Density
    • Anti-reverse Power Supply Connection
    • Audio Signal Detection
    • Temperature Control Fan 
    • Differential and Single-ended Optional
    • High Level and Low Level Gain
    • Power and Clip Indicator
    • Full Protection
    • Optimized Heatsink Design


    application for brick



    High Sound Quality

    Sure Electronics build this product series for high quality sound. IBK series is driven by Class-T (a branch from Tripath Class-D) modulator, and provide very warm and powerful sound. For DBK series, we fine select very low RDSon MOSFETs and they must be audio suitable in our test, extremmely fast recovery diodes, in our discrete power stage. That makes our audio amplifer boards can provide best high sound quality for listening, not only in datasheet.


    Easy for Integration

    The robustness and reliability of the Brick series makes them a great match for professional and industrial applications. The excellent sound quality makes them suitable for final customer audio applications. It is also easy for system integration with following functions: Choose a Brick amplifier module for product develpoment will save huge maintenance costs and me. Plug-in joints on board offer a more easier way for installation. Sure Electronics interface breakout boards also provide a consumer audio solution. By means of dedicated heatsink design with temperature controlled fan, these boards are capable of delivering maximum power simultaneously. Besides of built-in chip protection, ESD and spike protection components used throughout input and output of the amplifier board ensure its robustness and reliability.


    Single (Asymmetric) Power Supply

    This product series requires single supply ONLY. You don't have to use transformers, only one switching power supply unit is enough and we even do not need any auxiliary power supply. That will greatly reduce the installation me and the system design is never complex. Sure Electronics also provide a Farad Capacitor solution, which can ensure customer use 350WaDs - 600WaDs Power Supply Unit to drive 1kW rated audio load. Contact us for details if you are designer for subwoofers, it will reduce your cost greatly, not by using a fake power marking trick.


    Real Strength for Any Applications

    In Sure Electronics, that is real 1kW when it is declared as 1kW, that is continous playing back for 1kW audio signal, that is continous power for drive 1kW resistor dummy load, that is contionous power for drive 2550WaDs air conditioner in parrallel! That is different, different with those weak amplifiers with only coin size heatsink, different with those amplifiers without good layout and traces thin as hair, different with those amplifiers without any high quality components, how could they achieve the rated power they declared? So try Sure Electronics amplifiers and feel what does true RMS power mean


    Higher Cost-effective

    You don't have to save up hundreds of dollars to get them. They start with only $64.9, and end with $199. For those customers who design subwoofers, or need high power amplfier solutions, please feel free to contact our worldwide distributors, or contact Sure Electronics directly, we are the specialist in HIGH POWER audio amplifiers. Tell us your budget, and get a solution here.


    Signal Detection

    The Brick sereis provides a very sensitive auto signal detection functionality which detects the main input audio signal and switches to corresponding channel automatically. Along with standby functionality, Brick series provide a more convenient way to control your system, save your engineering cost and improve operating experience. The standby current consumption is only several mA, or typically less than 100mW, that will keep a very high headroom for your Energy Star or CE certification. To provide a very high sound quality, we use a high carrier frequency in mute or play state, but we still provide a low power consumption and high efficiency, take reference from the datasheet.


    Quick Installation

    During the practical industrial amplifier installation, high up to several tens of minutes will be spent on connection and debugging in last step of assembly and test. The reasons behind potential problems lie on many aspects of operation, such as power pins reverse polarity, the correct mul-channel orders, volume adjustment of each channel, signal channel disconnection caused by the poor contact and so on. In order to solve the problems mentioned above and improve the effective connection and pass rate of test, we take the advantage of different forms of connectors for power connections, speaker connections, signal input connections and potentiometer connections. For example, 4CKTS Molex SL vercal header, 6CKTS JST PH SMT top entry type header and 8CKTS Mul-Lock header are populated in Brick series amplifier boards for easy recognizations. Furthermore, we also provide the matched extension cables for different connectors, which are easily made disntiguished from each other by different cable colors. We spare no effects in improving the connection and measurement efficiency and saving the cost on installations and debugging.


    Typical Performance Graphs:pragraph

    All parameters were tested with Rohde & Schwarz UPV audio analyzer (AES17 filter enabled) and Audio Precision AUX0025 filter. 




    Optional Accessries:brick breakout

    MB-BB31112: Power Interface Breakout Board Only Contains the Board

    MB-BB41112: Input Interface & Control Breakout Board Only Contains the Board and the 6CKTS JST PH SMT


    Volume Control:


    Bluetooth Audio Receiver Board:


    Package include:

    1 x 1000 Watt Class-D Audio Amplifier Brick - T-AMP x 1

    MB-BB31112(Optional)Power Interface Breakout Board x 1

    MB-BB41112(Optional)Input Interface & Control Breakout Board x 1


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