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 2 X 100Watt Class D Audio Amplifier Starter TDA7498 w MW 24V 200W Power Supply Zoom

2 X 100Watt Class D Audio Amplifier Starter TDA7498 w MW 24V 200W Power Supply

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SKU: AA-AC11129
Audio Amplifier Starter TDA7498 w MW 24V 200W Power Supply

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Product Description



    2 X 100W Class D Audio Amplifier Explorer w Bluetooth, Remote Control  w MW 24V 200W Power Supply

    Modesty Series

    Welcome to use this self-made 2 x 100W Audio Amplifier Explorer version.

    This is the explorer version of AA-AS32182. Besides the original analog inputs, one TOSLINK input in S/PDIF format and one Bluetooth 2.1 input channel are added to this amplifier. Those input methods can be used with many common entertainment devices such as mobile phones, Blu-ray players, Apple TV, etc.

    Remote controller is also available in this version so that customers can sit in the sofa and enjoy the music without any interruption. It makes this amplifier ever mover powerful and convenient.
    We strongly recommend our (AA-AB31191) 1 x 300 Watts audio amplifier to be used along with. The self-build 2.1 system will impressively enhance the audio performance of your original system.

    Remote control function is also provided to help you use the amplifier in a much easier way and keep you away from the amp to focus on what you are listening.


    • Size: 8.3 “ x 4.9 ” x 1.9 “
    • Power supply: DC 14V to 36V
    • Over / under voltage turn off
    • Over current protection
    • Over temperature protection



    • Desktop amplifier
    • Enhanced amplifier for TV or TOPBOX system
    • Wireless audio receiver and amplifier
    • Great partner for Apple TV or other devices 

    Power Connection

    A voltage-regulated power of high-performance is necessary to provide basic and enough power so that this product could work stably, otherwise any problem caused by poor power is out of the warranty.


    Switch Setting

    When the switch is ON, the machine is working and LED is lighting all the time. When the switch is OFF, the machine is in standby mode and LED shows breathing-effect lighting.

    Table 2-1 Switch function



    LED state


    Amplifier working

    LED always lighting


    Amplifier not working

    LED lighting in a breathing-effect state


    When powered up, the machine is staying in standby mode with warm LED breathing behind. After switched to operation mode the LED will turn off and the amplifier will start to work.

    Push on the volume knob to switch between operation mode and standby mode.

    Table 2-2 Switch function



    LED state


    Amplifier not working

    LED lighting in a breathing-effect state


    Amplifier working

    LED turn off


    When the power is connected, the machine is working and LED lighting in a breathing-effect state. When the Bluetooth connection is successful, the LED is lighting all the time.

    Table 2-3 Switch function


    LED state


    LED lighting in a breathing-effect state

    Bluetooth connected

    LED always lighting


    Input Connection

    There are four various methods for audio amplifier.

    a)         Audio signal input terminal (HP)

    b)         Audio signal input terminal (RCA)

    c)         Optical fiber input terminal

    d)         Bluetooth signal input

                     The priority of Input signals: Bluetooth﹥Optical fiber﹥Hp﹥RCA

                     You can switch channels by using remote control.


    Output Connection

    The most high-end version adopts -

    a)         Amplified output signal for headphone at the front panel

    b)         Banana socket with two output channels to output amplified audio signal. Pay attention that LOUT+ and LOUT- are Left Output Channels, ROUT+ and ROUT- are Right Output Channels.

    c)         Subwoofer output signal.


    Note:  LOUT- and ROUT- are not in the same net and can not be connected together. Moreover, LOUT+, LOUT-, ROUT+, ROUT- can not be connected to the ground.

    Volume Control

    We adopt digital volume potentiometer of high-quality in Modesty series which can adjust the volume precisely after long-time use.

    You can touch the induction (“+”,”-”) to adjust the volume in Inspiration series.


    LED Indicators

    Our products are based on MCU which controls the indicators to display dynamic LED state and make our products more fashionable and attractive. Please refer to table 2-1, 2-2, 2-3 for details. 


    Infrared remote

    With the remote controller accompanying our product, you could operate several functions as follow:

    a)   Switching audio signal channel.

    b)   Volume control.

    c)   Input channel switch.

    Wireless Remote Control 

    Product Number


    Product Name

    Small 7-key User-definable Remote Control

    Size (only PCB)

    110.00(L) X 45.00 (W) X 18.30(H) ±0.20mm

    Net Weight



    Brief Introduction:

    DIY enthusiasts? This 7-key remote control is really a good item for you. This product is user-definable, allowing you to redefine the keys’ functions to realize the remote control to the devices 

    you want, such as volume or power control in amplifier application, movement control of curtains, 

    brightness, color and power control of lights, etc. Use an infrared decoder to receive and transmit 

    the data of the keys to a processor (like PC, MCU) on which you can write new programs to redefine 

    the keys’ functions. Sure makes the process easier by supplying the corresponding hexadecimal of 

    each key.This remote control utilizes NEC IR encoding mode and integrates SC6122 IC as the 

    remote control transmitter which utilizes CMOS Technology specially designed for use on infrared 

    remote control applications. This remote control is small in size and easy to use with only 7 keys. Its 

    smooth rounded shape fits perfectly in your hand for natural, balanced operation. Seven dome keys 

    integratedare sensitive and durable to use.You may refer to the manual in download center for 

    details of NEC protocol. In addition, we also provide the combination (product No: RMB-CM11112) of 

    the remote control and a mating decoder.



    · Size: 110.00(L) × 45.00 (W) ×18.30(H)±0.20mm

    · Compact and durable

    · Black, ABS packaging

    · Powered by two 1.5V AA batteries

    · Long service time: 3 years

    · Straight transmission distance: 8m

    · Available to use keys 100.000 times

    · Low power consumption


    Key Description:




    Address code

    Command code




    Volume Up (+)



    Volume Down (-)



    Next Channel (++)



    Previous Channel (--)



    Channel Indication






    • Channel 1: RCA
    • Channel 2: Optical fiber
    • Channel 3: 3.5mm phone jack
    • Channel 4: Bluetooth






    Power Voltage

    DC2.2V- DC3.2V


    IC Quiescent Current

    > 0.1 mA


    IC Low-voltage Detection

    2.4V ± 0.1V (OTP)
    2.4V ± 0.1V (Normal)


    Power Consumption (Average)



    Power Consumption (Max)



    Storage Temperature and Humidity

    -10℃ + 60℃, 90%RH(MAX)< /strong>


    Operating temperature and humidity

    0℃ + 55℃, 85%RH(MAX )


    Resonant Frequency

    Resonant frequency: 455KHZ ± 1.5KHZ
    Carrier wave: 37.9KHZ ± 125KHZ

    Temp 25℃
    Humidity: 65%- 80%RH

    Straight Distance


    Temp 25℃
    Humidity: 65%- 80%RH
    Supply voltage: 3.0V
    Test environment: 350Lux
    Same receiver 
    Supply voltage: 3.0V
    Test environment: 350Lux
    Same receiver


    Up, down, left, right direction 15° 

    at min. 5.0m distance


    Leakage Current


    No key pressed

    Power Supply

    DC 2.2V-DC 3.2V


    Material of Keys

    PET, force: 120-180g


    LED consumed

    35mA ± 0.5mA

    VDD DC 3.0V



    · Volume control in amplifier application

    · Smart Home like color, brightness and power control of lights, movement control of curtains

    · Other remote control applications



    The accessories might be a little different from what you've seen on webpage since the accessories 

    you received might be from different batch. However, it won't affect your use. Sure Electronics 

    assumes no liability for any ambiguity caused by the product photos.





    Mean Well MW 24V 8.8A 200W AC/DC Switching Power Supply NES-200-24 UL  Brand New

    Note: The specs of MeanWell unit which you will receive is in line with the introduction. Pictures on the webpage are just for reference.

    This item is shipped via registered airmail. Track number will be provided to prevent any loss on delivery. If you need a Express service please contact us. We will calculate the shipping cost for you.



    • Withstand 300vac surge input for 5 second
    • Built-in constant current limiting circuit
    • 100% full load burn-in test
    • LED indicator for power on
    • Fixed switching frequency at 90KHz
    • Low cost,high reliability
    • 2 years warranty
    • Net Weight:1000g / 35.3oz





    AC input voltage range
    90-132VAC / 180-264VAC sel ectable by switch



    AC inrush current
    40A/115VAC ,55A/230VAC



    DC adjustment range
    -10%~+10% rated output range



    Overload protection
    105%~150% constant current limiting,auto-recovery



    Over voltage protection
    .115%~145% rated output range



    Withstand voltage
    I/P - O/P: 3KVAC, I/P - FG: 1.5KVAC, O/P - FG: 0.5KVAC



    Working temperature
    -20~+50°C (refer to the derating curve for different models)



    10~500Hz, 2G 10min/1cycle, period for 60 min each along X,Y,Z axes



    Safety standards
    UL60950-1 approved



    EMC standards
    Design refer to EN61000-4-2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8,11, ENV50204, EN55024, light industry level, criteria A
    Terminal block for input and output
    Case dimension (L×W×H)
    215x115x50 mm




    • For UL certificate, click here


    • The item might be a little different from what you've seen on webpage since the they might be from different batch. However, it won't affect your use. Sure Electronics assumes no liability for any ambiguity caused by the product photos.

    Package includes:

    • Mean Well MW 24V 8.8A 200W AC/DC Switching Power Supply NES-200-24 × 1
    • 2 X 100W Class D Audio Amplifier Explorer × 1
    • Small 7-key User-definable Remote Control × 1


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