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1x 100 Watt Class D  Audio Amplifier Board  with Audio DSP - JAB3-1100 (for Gaming Kiosks) Zoom

1x 100 Watt Class D Audio Amplifier Board with Audio DSP - JAB3-1100 (for Gaming Kiosks)

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SKU: AA-JA31181
ADAU1707 Audio DSP Integrated,PBTL Configurable
Fully Compatiable with JAB1 and JAB2
Headphone Amplifier Integrated
Debug Port for Sigma Studio through original
USBi or WONDOM In-Circuit Programmer ,ICP1/ICP2
External control switch port,Low Voltage Dropout
Programming Port

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Product Description



    1 x 100 Watt Class D  Audio Amplifier Board  with Audio DSP - JAB3-1100 (for Gaming Kiosks)

    Welcome to our Youtube Videos of JAB3 and JAB2+JAB3 !   

    Before purchasing ,please kindly noticed that AA-JA11116 Cable kit is only for connection between JAB 1/2 with JAB3, this means it only works when you purchase JAB1 (Or JAB2) and JAB3 at same time.

    Brief Introduction

    • Signal Detecting
    • Auto Power Saving
    • High Sound Quality
    • Audio DSP Integration
    • 2.0/ 0.1 Mode Available 
    • User Interface Supported
    • Hardware Control Integrate
    • 3.6 x 2.7 Inches PCB Size
    • ADAU1707 Audio DSP Integrated
    • PBTL Configurable
    • Fully Compatiable with JAB1 and JAB2
    • Headphone Amplifier Integrated
    • Debug Port for Sigma Studio through original
    • USBi or WONDOM In-Circuit Programmer 
    • ICP1/ICP2
    • External control switch port
    • Low Voltage Dropout
    • Programming Port


    2 Quick Installation

    During the practical Jukebox / kiosk amplifier installation, up to several dozens of minutes will be spent on connection and debugging in the last step of assembly and test. The reasons behind potential problems lie in many aspects of operation, such as power pins reverse polarity, the correct multi-channel orders, volume adjustment of each channel, signal channel disconnection caused by the poor contact and so on. In order to solve problems mentioned above and improve the effective connection and pass rate of test, we take advantage of different forms of connectors for power connections, speaker connections, signal input connections and potentiometer connections. For example, 2CKT molex  Micro-Fit  vertical headers, 4CKT / 6CKT JST PH SMT top entry type headers are populated in JAB for easy recognizations. Furthermore, we also provide the matched extension cables for different connectors, which can be easily distinguished from each other by different cable colors. We spare no effects in improving the connection and debugging efficiency and saving the cost on installations and debugging.


    3 Build for Your Applications

    Sure Electronics provides customizable service. For some customization requirements, 500 pieces MOQ or engineering cost will be applied. 

    Customizable service includes: 

    • Integration with Audio DSP
    • PBTL Mode Configuration
    • Output Power Configuration
    • Number of Output Channel
    • Audio Performance Optimization
    • Cable Interfaces & Cable Length
    • Safety Certification
    • Special Package
    • Manufacturing

    Please contact at store@sure-electronics.com if you want any modification.

    JAB3 is a special product dedicated for OEM project. We do not provide any technical support on DSP programming for retail customers. Schematic drawing and SigmaStudio graphical tool user guide and connection drawing are only provided to wholesale customer only (MOQ 500 pieces order quantity).

    4 Benefits:  

    High Sound Quality

    More than low power consumption, Sure Electronics provides very high sound quality at the same time. Everything is nothing without a high sound quality. We can get less than ±3dB frequency response at the AUX channel, which is same at the Bluetooth channel if APT-X is enabled. For most Sure Electronics audio amplifiers, we can get about 90dB or more SNR and 0.01% distortion when outputting 1Watt.PBTL (Mono) Mode ConfigurableThe JAB series amplifier boards support Parallel Bridge Tied Load mode, under which two outputs are connected together as one channel. Under PBTL (mono) mode, either of the two inputs can work as the input connector. If audio signal is transmitted to both of the two inputs, the outputs are mixed. Connect the positive and negative output together for best efficiency. For PBTL mode configu-ration, 500 pieces MOQ will be requested. Customers must send a requirement  to us for confirmation before placing the order. Sure Electronics cannot be considered responsible for eventual damages caused to persons, things or data for customer’ misconfiguration of the PBTL mode.

    Compatible with JAB1/ 2

    JAB1 and JAB2 provide a stereo solution for portable Bluetooth speakers with MPPT battery charging.More than the headphone amplifier, JAB3 also provides a flexible DSP solution. This means, when working with JAB1/2 main boards, it is a complete 4.0 (BTL), 2.1 and 0.2 (PBTL) audio system with control interfaces and signal processing. The application ranges from active louderspeaker concepts (digital 3 way 3 unit, 2 way 2 unit crossover, bass enhancement, etc.) and realize the tansformation from 2.0 to 2.1 (when used with JAB2). With four potentiometers, customers can get the default function and adjust the volume of audio input, gain, cut-off frequency of bass and treble.     Customers can connect the JAB3 with JAB1/2 via the JST-PH-6PIN connectors on board. For more detailed connection information, please refer to the installation chapter. 

    Adaptive Power Supply Module for RV/Yacht Application


    If your projects are powered by the battery system of the RV or Yacht, we could provide the adaptive power supply which always outputs DC 24V when the input voltage is not less than 10V and no more than 40V. And the power supply module is capable of delivering 100W continuously and 200W with the efficiency up to 85%, which is suitable for audio power amplifier application.* The power voltage range of JAB3 series is 12 - 24V, typical 19V. For any input voltage requirement, please feel free to contact with us.

    DSP Integration


    With integrated debug port for Sigima Studio, customers can pre-program with Sure Electronics ICP1, ICP2 or the original Analog USBi to get more functions which includes equalization, crossover, bass enhancement, multiband dynamics processing, delay compensation, etc.The on board fully programmable 28-/56-bit audio DSP ADAU1701 from Analog device is competent in various signal processing applications. This process can compensate for real-world limitations of speakers, amplifiers, and listening environments, providing dramatic improvements in perceived audio quality.Most process is done in full 56-bit, double precision mode, resulting in very good low level signal performance.Two Σ-Δ ADCs and four Σ-Δ DACs integrated in this DSP provide a 98.5 dB analog input to analog output dynamic. Each ADC has a THD + N of -83 dB,and each DAC has a THD + N of -90 dB. The popular applications are active louderspeaker, public address system and active subwoofer, including stereo high pass filter and mixed low pass filter, also named with powered speaker controller, demonstrated on this board as follows.


    1.Original Analog USBi EVAL-ADUSB2EBZ

    Sure Electronics provide the original Analog USBi EVAL-ADUSB2Z for our customers. We will provide one 10 pin cornoid, one 6 pin cable and one pinboard. Cutomers can use the pinboard to connect original Analog USBi and DSP Kernel Board. By using SigmaStudio™ software, customers can program by themselves easily. The Programming kit costs $99.9. 

    2. In-Circuit Programmer - ICP2

    Sure Electronics provide an open-source USBi with a pinboard  for easy connection with DSP kernel board. The open-source USBi can be connected to the pinboard directly without a 10 pin cornoid. This kit named In-Circuit Programmer - ICP2. With a 6 pin cable, the ICP2 and DSP Kernel Board can be connected easily. The Programming kit costs $14.9.

    3. In-Circuit Programmer- ICP1

    Sure Electronics provide our own programming board named In-Circuit Programmer - ICP1, which is the gospel for customer preferring simple style. It can be connected directly to DSP Kernel Board by a 6 pin cable without a pinboard. The APM can be controlled by Sure Electronics ICP1 or ICP2. On-board self-boot EEPROM is included in ICP1 for operating the board independently of the Analog Devices, Inc., SigmaStudio™ software. The Programming kit costs $19.9. 



    How to programme

    STEP 1 Installing Sigmastudio Software

    (1) Open the provided zip file and extract the files to your computer. Alternately, insert the SigmaStudio CD into the PC optical drive and select the SigmaStudio folder.

    (2) Install Microsoft . NET Framework version 2.0, if it has not been previously installed. To do so, double-click “dotnetfx.exe”.


    (3) Double-click “setup.exe” and following the prompts.  A computer restar

    STEP 2 Setting up the hardware

    (1) Compile  the needed program in advance. 

    (2) Connect the ICP to the computer with a USB cable

    (3) Please notice whether the ICP1 can be recognized by the computer, if the underpainting of the “USB” turn green, it represents the ICP is recognized, otherwise it will ture orrange and you should reconnect the ICP until it turn green. See figure 1.

    (4) Plug in the ICP into the programming port on the DSP.

    (5) Click the “Link Compile Connect” (see figure 2) and you will find “Ready: Compiled” in the lower right corner of your computer. 

    (6) Click the “Link Compile Download” (see figure 3) and you will find “Active: Compiled” in the lower right corner of your computer. 

    (7) Push the SW1 switch to other side, and right-click the  “ADAU1701” and select “Write Latest Compilation to E2PBOM” to download the program (see figure 4), then you will see a window, choose the “I2C” on the right and click “OK” (see figure 5).

    (8) Push back the SW1 switch, then press the SW2 button to reset the DSP board.

    STEP 3 Powering up the board

    (1) Power of Kernel Board:

    The JAB3 could be powered by:

          1) External 15-24V DC supply through Vin control port (J9)

          2) Be powered by 3S18650 Lithium Battery Balance and Protection Extension Board

          3) The two methods could be used at the same time.

              When the voltage of external supply is higher than that of battery board, JAB3 is powered by external supply.

              When the voltage of external supply is lower than that of battery board, JAB3 is powered by 3S18650 Lithium Battery Balance and Protection Extension Board.

    (2) Power of Interface Extension Board:

    The Interface Extension Board is powered by the JAB3.

    (3) Power of IC Programmer:

    Sure Electronics IC Programmer could be powered by:

          1) 5V micro USB through micro USB charging port (J1) 


          2) External 5V DC Supply from JAB3 board

    STEP 4 Connecting Audio Cables

    Sure Electronics provides cables package and pin board for customers’ simple mouting solutions. For more detailed connection information, please refer to the document “How to set up JAB3 with Sure Electronics In-Circuit Programmer?” or contact us with us.


     Stereo Headphone Amplifier Integration

    The headphone amplifier delivers up to 125mW per channel into a 32ohm load and has low 0.02% THD+N. It uses capless Direct-drive architecture to produce a ground-referenced output from a single power supply, eliminating the need for large DC-blocking capacitors for output, and saving cost, board space, and component height. The gain is set internally (-2V/V or -1.5V/V), further reducing component count. 

    Fully Protection, Robust Performance

    The amplifier board series employs the TPA311x series from TI as the main chip. All of them are equipped with overcurrent and overtemperature protection, which is able to avoid permanent stress caused by improper operation.Besides built-in chip protection, ESD and spike protection components are used throughout input and output of the amplifier board to ensure its robustness and reliability. And all the available input and output pins are presented as molex headers which facilitate mating and prevent accidental mis-mating during assembly.

    Extreme Low Standby Power

    The JAB series could offer playback time up to 24 hours continuously, which was tested with Bluetooth connected and Jazz style songs  playing back continuously. The maximum output voltage on the speaker is 4V RMS and the duty is no less than 5%. Sure Electronics also offers a solution with the continuous playback time up to 60 hours, which is more than 2 days with only 2 hours quick charge. This version can only provide a 7.5Watts maximum output at 4ohm loads, but that is already enough for most applications.The standby time is calculated with Bluetooth always enabled, which means the Bluetooth can always be searched. Its 7-day-long standby time is not achieved by stopping the Bluetooth module. So comparing with competitive products, we can afford about 4 times more standby time with very high efficiency DC/DC converter and low power consumption micro controller as the PMU (Power Management Unit).The standard products you can order from this sheet are not the best performance ones we can provide. Sure Electronics can now proudly announce that we have solutions with more than 60 hours continuous playback time, and more than 10-day standby time. And it can provide extremely low distortion at the same time. Contact us right now for more details.

                 Please note: Batteries are not included in the package.

    Extension Boards Optional

    Sure Electronics has released one interface extension board to provide a simple panel mounting solution for customer’s applications. Interfaces on board include a 3.5mm AUX jack, 2CKT USB ports for charging, a switch button with LED power indicators.With the headers or a 10 pin cable, the interface extension board will be connected to the amplifier board and integrated to your system quickly. The Sure Electronics 3/ 4/ 5 cells in series 18650 Lithium-ion battery balance and protection extension board is especially designed for 3/ 4/ 5 cells 18650 type batteries in series. Customers can use solar panels for their applications. Just remember to use solar batteries with float (open) voltage with 16.5-21.5V, and use 20-100Watt panels for this applica-tion. For example, 3 Lithium-ion batteries in series output more than 12.6V when fully charged. Customer could also connect 2 pieces lithium battery balance and protection extension boards in parallel to get higher voltage. The 3/ 4/ 5 cells in series 18650 Lithium-ion battery balance and protection extension board is integrated with overvoltage and undervoltage protection circuits. It could balance differ-ent voltage among batteries. For more detailed information, please refer to product data sheet.




    L-type Alimunium Bracket Optional

    It is quite difficult to assemble the audio amplifier board into a closed space in most Kiosk and Jukebox applica-tions. To improve the connection and debugging efficiency and save the cost on installations, Sure Electronics provides a L-style aluminium bracket for JAB series. The aluminium bracket supports vertical and horizontal installtion ways to satisfy different installation requirements. With screw lock standoffs and pre-drilled mounting holes, the JAB series audio amplifier boards could be installed on the bracket easily.L Bracket


    5 Years Product Life

    Sure Electronics ensure that no product will be stopped within 5 years. Bluetooth products is something that always get a short production life, but Sure Electronics always sign long term contract with its suppliers and guarantee a 5 years product life, even if we really get some problem in this, we will provide fully pin to pin, screw to screw compatible solution to our customers.


    Zero Stock for Customers

    To meet our customers requirement in Just - In - Time manufacturing, Zero Stock policy, Sure Electroincs always provide enough stock, for most audio products, Sure Electronics always keep more than 1000pcs stock, and for best sellers, we keep more than 3000pcs, that means Sure Electroncis keep about 100k pcs circuit boards as stock at any time, that is true, in our Nanjing Stock, we have more than 80 CBM of finished products, and more than 100 CBM for half finished products, they are turning in very fast cycles. We can ship more than 98% requriements of our standard products - that is amazing, right?




    Package include(Base on your selection):

    Package include:

    2 x 50 Watt Class D Audio Amplifer Board with Audio DSP - JAB3-50x 1

    Basic Cables Package (Included) : Power Cable x 1, Speaker Cable x 1, 3.5mm cable x 1

    Recommend power supply adapter: 

    Huntkey HKA09019047-6D 19V 4.74A 90W AC/DC Power Adapter



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