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Bluetooth Audio Receiver Board   V4.0 with Control Panel - BRB6P Zoom

Bluetooth Audio Receiver Board V4.0 with Control Panel - BRB6P

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SKU: AA-AB41158
High Sound Quality
Fully Digital Solution Available
Bluetooth Pairing Name Customizable
External Button Control (Optional)
For Wireless Speaker, Game Machine,
Portble Bluetooth Speaker, Jukebox,
Recreational Vehicle, Yatch, Hotel, Hospital,
Consumer Audio Applications, etc.

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Product Description



    Bluetooth Audio Receiver Board V4.0 with Control Panel - BRB6P

    Welcome to our YouTube Video


    Brief Introduction:

    Sure Electronics is proud to announce its release of its brand new Bluetooth V4.0 Audio Receiver Board with Control Panel - BRB6P. BRB6P is a family member of the High Sound Quality BRB Series, offering exceptional audio fidelity, with low noise and low distortion. To fit for most DIYer’s requirements of easy installation, a pre-drilled control panel will come with the receiver board, for music menu control, like volume control, the next song, pause, stop control. Besides that, with an integrated AUX input port, this module also supports wired line in input, which is a good balance between flexibility and high performance. 




    •   CSR8645 Chipset
    •   Bluetooth V4.0 +EDR, A2DP, AAC
    •   Power Supply: Supporting 3s 18650 Battery Board
    •   Closable Backlight Buttons
    •   Closable Backlight Buttons
    •   (I-PEX Micro RF Coax Connector)
    •   External Bluetooth Antenna included

              (Default Package: I-PEX Antenna, I-PEX to SMA solution available.)

    •   Bluetooth Pairing Name Customizable
    •   Mounted Control Panel for Channel Selection, Volume Control and Song Switching.
    •   Line Signal Straight Through
    •   Desktop Wireless Music Receiver
    •   Wireless audio source for amplifiers
    •   Wireless headphone driver (HP amp needed to use with some headphones)



    Mounted Control Panel

    BRB6P comes with a control panel. The panel has channel selection, volume control, song switching, etc. a total of 7 buttons. Using the panel together, you can apply it directly to the device you want to make. It greatly saves your time adn is convenient for you to use.

    High Sound Quality

    BRB is a highly reliable analog and digital output Bluetooth Receiver Board series and the entire series supplies different six models with high sound quality that can satisfy the demands for various customers. BRB series can offer such exceptional audio fidelity, with low noise and low distortion, at very competitive costs. With supreme features like signal loop and components optimzation during design and measurement,we can provide better sound quality products, with higher SNR and lower THD+N with same DAC.

    Ready for BQB, APT-X, CE and FCC

    Bluetooth receiver boards belong to electronic components instead of assets. Thereby FCC and CE certifications are not necessarily needed since the FCC and CE certification are directed at final products with enclosure. To simplify customers’ task of achieving certifications for your final product, we have done the pre-test for EMC part in the laboratory, saving much of your valuable time and costs, but we didn't issue the paper certification. The final equipment must be re-confirmed that it still meets EMC directives.

    Easy for Integration

    Bluetooth receiver boards come with various terminals for multiple output methods, 3.5mm jack and RCA jack for analog signal (For all BRBs) and I2S and S/ PDIF for digital signal (Only apply to BRB5), which makes it convenient for customers to integrate the Bluetooth receiver board into their applications, saving much development costs and time. Customers could also extend the bluetooth receiving distance by an external Bluetooth antenna, which is attached in the package of BRB4, BRB5 and BRB6 and for BRB3 can be realized through the socket on board (Not apply to BRB1 and BRB2).Choosing a Bluetooth receiver board for product develpoment will save huge maintenance costs and time because of the reliable quality of BRB series, ensuring them stable in customers’ system with low repair rate .BRB series has three dimensions, perfectly satisfying different requirements of customers for different applications. To improve the connection and measurement efficiency and save customers’ cost on installations, Sure Electronics also provides a L-style aluminium bracket for BRB series. The aluminium bracket supports vertical and horizontal installtion ways to meet Development Installation requirements. With 4 pieces M3 screw lock standoffs and 2 pieces M3 pre-drilled mounting holes, the Bluetooth receiver boards could be installed on the bracket easily.

    Voice Customizable in Factory

    This function is only available on Bluetooth V2.1 Audio Receiver Board Starter - BRB1 (AA-AB41151). MOQ 100 pieces will be requested. Customer could send us a .wav file and it could be set as boot music and prompt tone for Bluetooth paring, disconnection, power off and low power. File size could not exceed 248kb. This service will cost $0.99 for each. If the order quantity is more than 500pcs, this service will be free.

    Bluetooth Pairing Name Programming

    1. Choosing a USB to Serial adapter for Bluetooth pairing name programming.
    2. Connecting the Bluetooth receiver board
        2.1. Plug in the USB/ power cable
        2.2. Attach the communication cable(s) between programmer and Bluetooth receiver board if using RJ11 plug or connect     directly to a 5-pin inline header.
    3. Settings
        3.1. Double click "Hyper terminal" application and create a new connection, for ex. "BT-COM".
        3.2. Open device manager and check for a new assigned COM port.
        3.3. From Connect using drop down select the new addigned COM port.
        3.4. From Bits per second drop down select 115200.
        3.5. Under File -> Properies -> Setting -> ASCII Setup
               Enable "Echo typed character locally". Click "OK" to finish the setting.
        3.6. Enable "BPN:xxxxx" to program your unique pairing name.
    See more details in Bluetooth Receiver Board Brochure.pdf

    Fully Digital Solution Available

    Sure Electronics provides a fully digital solution, using direct digital output from Bluetooth chipset, and using a clock recovery chip to output the S/PDIF signal through both TOSLINK and Coaxial port. Some versions have been built in high sound quality DAC which use PCM1794 from Texas Instruments, to provide best sound quality in Bluetooth solutions.

    5 Years Product Life
    Sure Electronics guarantees at least 5 years PLC (Product Life Cycle) to our customers, this means, once products are launched to the market, you can place order and get technical support from Sure Electronics and Sure Electronics' 
    distributors within 5 years. For any halt production caused by the discontinued core materials, Sure Electronics will provide full pin to pin, screw to screw compatible solutions for you to ensure you a smooth Production Transition.

    Zero Stock for Customers
    To meet our customers requirement in Just - In - Time manufacturing, Zero Stock policy, Sure Electronics always 
    provides enough stock. For most audio products, Sure Electronics always keeps more than 1,000pcs stock, and for 
    best sellers, we keep more than 3,000pcs. That means Sure Electronics keeps about 100k pcs circuit boards in 
    stock at any time. That is true. In our Nanjing Stock, we have more than 80 CBM of finished products, and more 
    than 100 CBM for half finished products, which are turning in very fast cycles. We can ship more than 98% 
    requirements of our standard products - that is amazing, right?


    Accessories and Connectors Declaration

    4 pieces M3 screw lock standoffs and 2 pieces M3 pre-drilled mounting holes are attached with L-style aluminium 
    bracket package.
    An extensional Bluetooth antenna with adhesive tape is attached with BRB3, BRB4, BRB5 and BRB6 standard 
    package. Sure Electronics won’t tear off adhesive tape on the back of Bluetooth antenna under any circumstanc-
    For different customer’s application requirements, RCA connectors won’t be installed on board in advance. But 
    current products in stock might have been pre-installed. Any pre-installed RCA connectors on PCB will NOT be the 
    reason for return or rejection.


    Model Selection Guide


    Notes: • means this function is available.  - means this function is not available.
    Sure Electronics provide following customized services:

    • Bluetooth Pairing Name. This is applicable to all models.
    • PIN Code. This only applies to BRB5. (Please send e-mails to store@sure-electronics.com for confirmation before purchasing.) Boot Music. This only applies to BRB1.
    • Dimension of BRB6P is the size of control panel. The size of PCB is 4.6'' x 1.58''.


    Typical Performance Graphs


    Basic Parameters:

    basic parameters


    AA-AB41158 connections



    Package content:

    • Bluetooth Audio Receiver Board V4.0 with Control Panel  x 1
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