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Distributor Policy


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Web: www.sure-electronics.com

Email: info@sure-electronics.com


Sure Electronics is a professional Audio Provider and focused on HiFi, Industry Audio, DIY Audio Hardware and Audiophile Accessories.

Our goal is to develop a well-established and win-to-win distributor system with our distribution partners.
Our strategy as a company is to expand the business we have through distribution because we believe distributors add significant value to raise efficiency, build company reputation and win customer loyalty.

Becoming a Distributor for Sure Electronics:
We seek to focus our sales through registered distributors who have proven the ability, experience and engineering background to successfully sell our products and are committed to representing and growing
their business with Sure Electronics.
Sure Electronics does not assign exclusive territories to distributors and will share the names of other distributors in a specific territory.
Sure Electronics reserves the right to add distributors to any geographic market area at our discretion based on the sales opportunities available in that market.

In order to provide the most competitive proposal, Sure Electronics provide each registered distributor with the equal opportunity.
When multiple distributors are pursuing the same opportunity, Sure Electronics will provide the same price to all distributors.




June 2015