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Reward Points

We have upgraded our loyalty program module allow the customers to gather points within an order, upon registration, while referring a friend or when posting reviews (only validated reviews).
The points can be redeemed for discount on purchase.

Points and rewards1

Points earned on product list pages

You can get reward points equal to 2% the fee you have paid for the products. These points will be carried to your account right after your order statuses are complete.

It is possible to show the points you will get on product list pages.

Your will automatically know the number of points he may collect, simply by browsing the products on the website, without the need of viewing products one by one.

Points earned on product view page

When you are viewing products, you know how many points they get on a product.

The system also calculates automatically the points when quantity value is changed. 

J2t Reward points

Reward points box in shopping cart

In the shopping cart, an area is available to:

  • see the amount of points that you are collecting with your order
  • see points that you have into your account
  • redeem points for an order

The slider is optional. You can use select or input boxes as well.

Add points while subscribe

The new subscribers will get 100  points



Points in your dashboard

At anytime, you can check the points that you have collected from your account!

There is a summary of points that you gathered and points spent. Full point history is also available in use account area!

What about earning points when referring a friend?

With our referral program, that will allow you to gather points when referring a friend.

you can decide to share the referral link on your blog or social profile for example, share with the use of addthis button or even submit the referral form.

For any first valid order placed by referred friend, you earn: 100 points 
For any first valid order placed by referred friend, your friend gets: 100 extra points.




Add points while registering

The new registered customers will get 300  points.


  • This activity is only available for the registered members.
  • The reward points can not be used with a discount coupon.
  • The points being equal to 2% the fee means that you will get 200 reward points if you spend USD100 and every 100 points can be used as one dollar.
  • Reward points can be used for purchasing products.
  • Reward points are perpetual but without interest.
  • The reward points in your account can not be transferred to other accounts. 

Sure Electronics reserves the right to the final decision about Reward Points in case of dispute.